Friday, February 19, 2010


Yes, it was Valentine's Day, but it was my birthday for 21 years first. Daniel valiantly rose to the challenge and devised a day of our favorite spots in San Diego.

We exchanged presents in the cemetery out along the point, which sounds weird, I know, but we have a lot of fond memories there. As college students, we spend so much time with dead people already that it's a natural spot for us (I don't think I've read a word this semester that wasn't written by someone who died before I was born). The limitless horizon to the west and the sparkling city on the bay to the east also makes it one of the most stunning pieces of land, ever.

We drove into La Jolla and stopped for the sunset, just like last year. It was delightfully warm and the temperature just started to drop when the sun went down.

We had a twilight picnic on the grass by the cove and watched the other couples walk by. We ate a lot of chocolate.

We got coffee in downtown La Jolla, right next to this fascinating mirror.

We drove up to Balboa Park, another well-frequented favorite of ours. It's a little bit magical there at night.

This was from the next day, but it was so wonderful that it felt like an extension of my birthday. We saw Catharine MacKinnon, a brilliant legal theorist and women's rights activist, speak at USD on the ethical issues surrounding prostitution. She was passionate, articulate, and fantastically incisive. I'm so all about her it's not even funny.