Sunday, December 6, 2009

Slightly belated second-day-after-Thanksgiving post.

So we woke up Saturday and it was like a post-Thanksgiving miracle—which means it wasn't that great, but it was kind of fun. It hailed midmorning, giving us an almost-white ground for like 20 minutes.

Action shot.

And then it magically cleared up, as it is wont to do around here, and we packed up for a day trip to Oak Glen.

This shot isn't so clear because it came from the Riley's Apple Farm Facebook page, but you can see us in action making apple butter at the apple butter festival. They gave us a free jar for participating. Mmm.

We walked the fun little trail around the property and took self-timed photos.

And the rain/hail clouds made for a delightful sunset.

An only slightly belated Thanksgiving post.

Yay for the last two weeks of school. I start to see moments of freedom because keeping up with all my homework for the past 15 weeks begins to pay off. And blogging is a moderately productive use of time, right?

Sherlock waited for Thanksgiving dinner with as much anticipation as we did. He didn't get to feast as well as us, though.

Shannon took delectable pictures of the food.

Mmm, gravy. I don't think I'd eaten gravy since last Thanksgiving.

Aww, all the women together again. I was in front of my laptop for most of the day, writing my 10-page term paper for my Shakespeare class on the conception of the self in Hamlet and the burgeoning individualistic humanism in the Renaissance. Meh.

Shannon's black-and-white rendering. We laughed long and hard at how small Mom looked in comparison to Dad here. Hehe.

And then Angelica and I took ridiculous pictures of ourselves. Angelica's going to kill me for posting these, but I can't resist (and she's right next to me doing her Spanish homework right now and she's completely oblivious...hehehe. I will say, though, that it's nice to have a companion for weekend coffeeshop outings. I used to do these by myself).