Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Port 3: Guaymas

In Guaymas, we piled into a shuttle to get from the port to the city proper. Daniel's nephews are in the foreground here.

The church lay in the center of town, adjacent to a square that would later fill with an ice rink and a band.

We walked the streets, getting a feel for the "gritty" town that the tour guide told us to expect.

We discovered the historical bank building that Lonely Planet said someone should hurry up and restore.

I don't know what this means, but it looked pretty gritty.

Daniel got a couple of funny stares for his headband, which I had crocheted him (we just happened to wear matching crochet accessories that day). I enjoyed it to no end.

We realized, walking through the streets and seeing pastries called "Rosca de Reyes," that the date was January 6, Epiphany. It explained the remaining Christmas decorations—for traditional Christians, the Christmas season wasn't over yet.

Daniel and I noticed the town library and decided to check it out.

It turned out to be a single room with a relatively small collection. We were very excited about the liberation theology book we found.

Along the waterfront, little boats were docked.

We rested for a while before Daniel's dad suggested we take a boat tour around the harbor.

The boat was cozy, and our tour guide was quite friendly.

We motored past tightly packed shrimping boats.

The islands in the harbor were completely coated in cacti. Eagles perched on the whitened tops.

A fort from a nineteenth-century war remained on one of the shores.

We set sail early in the evening, so we gathered on the deck to watch the launch.

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